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"I feel more balanced in many aspects - uphill tech, downhill tech, berms, skinnies, and even turning around mid-trail without unclipping."

Josh H.

"I love the Balance Trainer! I have seen improvement on all aspects of technical riding."

Eric M.

"For me, it allows me to increase practice time so when I’m on the trail I’m doing more.  It’s training to move your weight more efficiently and effectively.  Training helped with better weight movement making riding the chuck and drops at speed much better."

Rider: @winghnut

"I’m able to control my bike better than before!"

Jorge V.

"I like how compact it is and how easily I can store it or move it from place to place. I use it 3 times a week for about 10 minutes. I have noticed my overall balance and control have improved."

Fabian L.

Enjoy Your Ride More With Increased Bike Control

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Tyler McCaul's Thoughts on The Basis of Balance

How Does it Work?

Muscle fiber increase:

Training - The Balance Trainer teaches your body to use more of its available muscle fibers.

Quality Control - The more muscle fibers the body uses, the faster your body can absorb bumps and hits, smoothing out your ride.

On the Trainer:

Process - Rock back and hold in the balanced position for as long as possible.

Effect - Your body increases the amount of muscle fibers being used in particular muscle groups.

Reaction Time:

Where You’re At - You’re using 30-50% of available muscle fibers.

Where You Can Be - Diligent use of the Balance Trainer can take you from 30-50% to 65-85% of fiber usage.

Effect - You’ll feel more smooth as your body reacts faster to small bumps, big bumps, corners, and stays more stable off drops. Leaving you to have more fun!

End Result - Riding. Refined.

3 Products in 1

Patent-pending design.