2 Ways to take Control of Your Mountain Biking

Let's cut straight to the point on how to improve your skills building for mountain biking. There are 2 different ways to looks at this, one is to improve skills for on the trail, the other is to improve skills for off the trail.

1. On Trail Skills Building:

What is your hope? Really... Let's dig a little bit to figure that out. You want to be a better rider but how? What does that even mean? Technically speaking it means that you are using your maximum amount of available muscle fibers to a muscle group, also know as fast twitch muscles. The more of these muscle fibers you are using then the faster your muscles fire, and that's what makes you a better rider. It means your body is placing its' weight correctly and adjusting to changes in the terrain without you thinking about it.

Okay so how do we tap into those muscle fibers? A beginner is generally using about 30% of available fibers while a professional is using between 60%-70%. Does weightlifting help? For sure, that's going to increase the muscle mass but it doesn't necessarily mean fast twitch muscle improvement, especially for the trail.

That's where the Balance Trainer comes into play. As you rock back and hold in that balanced position, the Trainer is forcing your muscles (however big or small) to increase the amount of fibers being used. The translation to the trail is your body reacting to changes in terrain without you even having to think about it.

2. Off Trail Skills Building:

What's the purpose of riding if you don't have a well oiled machine? The Balance Trainer has a Service Stand attachment for that very reason. To perform at the highest possible caliber you need to be riding a steed meant to handle the beating.

That happens off the trail, when you finish a ride, throw your bike up onto the service stand and make sure it's running perfectly.