How to Stay Stable Biking Through Technical Terrain

You’ll learn how to stay stable biking through technical terrain in this post. 

Newer riders generally look similar as they go down the trail - uncontrolled, bouncing, and just trying not to crash! Expert riders on the other hand stay in control. Their bike is all over the place, but their body stays solid - stable in the direction they want to go.

The difference between the beginner and expert rider is simple.


Think back to how difficult balancing on a bike was before you learned to ride. After strengthening your fast twitch muscles (muscle fibers) over lots of practice, you were able to finally balance without training wheels... 

In similar fashion, most earlier stage riders haven’t strengthened their muscle fibers enough to provide stability as they ride through rough terrain. Studies show that even experienced intermediate riders only use about 30% of their muscle fibers and expert and pro riders only use 60%-70%. 

Because our bodies want to use as little energy as possible, we need to intentionally train our muscle fibers to increase their stamina. 

Strengthen your fast twitch muscle fibers by holding the positions you know will strain you. For instance, think of a yogi (person who loves yoga) holding a difficult position. Yoga masters have such incredible body control because they’ve strengthened their muscle fibers through consistently holding a variety of static positions. It’s less about building muscle mass and more about fatiguing your muscles to force your muscle fibers to strengthen.

Strengthening your fast-twitch muscle fibers directly correlates to increasing your bike control and stability on the trail. This is why we’ve created the balance trainer - because by holding a specific static position, you’ll train the exact muscles you will use on the trail. The balance trainer will help you increase in muscle strength, stability, agility, and stamina - for one purpose, to elevate your ride.

Technical terrain becomes significantly more manageable with enhanced bike control and stability.