How To Use The TILT Balance Trainer

This post shows how to use the TILT Balance Trainer.

First, consider your tire pressure. The more pressure you have in your tire, then the more secure you're going to be in the trainer. If you want a lot of side to side, which is increasing your lateral movement in your muscles to train your lateral capability then let a little air out. If you want to get the hang of it first pump your tire up, close to max PSI. 

ALWAYS remove your chain because if it’s connected, you’ll push your weight down on the front pedal, and that will lock your bike into place. That would be counterintuitive because you're not actually building any muscle in that case, you're just holding yourself there. The same goes for the brake. You don't want to be grabbing the brake when you're using the Balance Trainer because if you grab the break it locks you in. The safety strap in front will keep you from going back. 

Then you’ll need to connect the anchor strap and the safety strap - it’s difficult to explain without the video so you’ll need to refer to the video on this.

Now you know how to use the Balance Trainer.

Remember the purpose of this is to build up your muscle so that you can ride faster on the trail. This trainer is going to help and accentuate and accelerate your mountain biking capabilities, especially through technical terrain and through corners. The goal for this is to hold your bike up for as long as possible. That's the goal. We recommend training two to three times a week for 15 to 30 minutes. If you do it in that timeframe and you stay consistent, you'll see a lot of improvements down here and you'll also see improvements while out on the trail.

When training, you want to keep your arms square and straight. Drop your weight down, and then tilt back. That's the form that you're going to want to work with -hold it for as long as possible and then touch down. Reset and get back up.

The first few times it's going to really work you, as you learn to use those fast twitch muscles, but you just stay consistent and you'll start to see some cool results.