The Every Day Mountain Biker Workout

Need a good workout? You don’t always have to go to a gym or buy expensive equipment to get a good workout. The workout shown in this video will help you elevate your ride by increasing your endurance/strength, balance, and stability. And all of these exercises you can do with stuff laying around your house. So let’s break down how the workout can help you.

Workout Supersets 

This workout is based on supersets that will target all your muscle groups to help increase your muscle endurance for the trail. Each superset exercise works muscles in your arms, back, chest, core and legs so you can work all your muscles in a single set without fatiguing. 

Each superset includes pushups, pull ups, planks, rows, single leg lunges, a glute workout with some booty bands and ends with some body or sitting squats. Work straight through the superset, then take a break.

Remember, this isn’t a workout to prepare you for competing in the olympics. This is a workout to create holistic endurance, balance, and stability so you can rock the trail. Therefore, you don’t need to blast through a ton of pushups and pull ups to prove your dominance and strength - just start small, do the complete set a couple of times and slowly work your way into more reps.

Now hop on the video above and workout with us! We've invited a local rider, Sam Davis to demonstrate the exercises. He goes over each exercise, how to keep good form and shows what muscles to really focus on in each workout.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, start at 3:25 to get into the exercise demonstration and elevate your ride.