Tilt Trainer: So Much More Than A Manual Machine

Wooden Manual Machine

When we started Tilt Industries we knew our product had to be much better than the do-it-yourself, wooden manual machines. Since we were so interested in the concept we built a wooden version and here's why you don't want to waste your time with that:

1. Very bulky. Do you have a five car garage? If not, you probably don't have space for a wooden beast.

2. Surprisingly costly. If you are buying new wood from Home Depot prepare yourself for sticker shock.

3. Durability. Over time, through consistent use and moving it in and out of storage the build will start to break down. Be prepared to tighten some screws. 

4. Functionality. It can only do one thing. It isn't a wall-mounted bike rack, wall-mounted repair stand, floor repair stand.

That's why we decided to build a super durable, aluminum manual machine that has more more functionality than a multi-tool. 


The Combo includes a Wall-Mounted and Regular Repair Stand 

You aren't the only thing that needs to be tuned up for the trail. Your bike should be ready to go for the trail and the Tilt Trainer Combo makes it very easy to keep your bike serviced. 

Mountain Bike Repair Stand