Essential MTB Gear For The Trail


Do you have the gear you need to have fun and be safe while ripping the trails? It’s a question worth answering, and fixing if you don’t. Having the right gear is essential for your safety and enjoyment while riding. With so many options out there it’s hard to know what to get. So we’ve helped you out and put together a list of some gear that will keep you safe and help you get the most out of the trail.



Get a good helmet. There are so many different kinds of helmets - half shell, full face trail, downhill, etc. In the video, we show you a full face trail helmet that rocks! The Kali Protectives helmet is a great hybrid option. It’s light and airy like a half shell and gives you the face/chin protection like a full face. 



Next, elbow and knee pads. Even though they might look dorky, they are a must. If you’re thinking ‘I never crash’... never say never. Better to be safe than sorry.  Even if you do avoid crashing you will be grateful you have those pads on when you smack your elbow on a rock or tree. Ask any mountain biker, it will happen. So just be safe and grab some pads.

For knee pads, POC VPD air pads are a great place to start. These are awesome and you hardly realize they’re even on. These pads are airy and pliable, but when they impact a surface the pads firm up and protect your knees. Check out the POC VPD air elbow pads too!



Believe it or not, there are a lot of riders that prefer riding barehanded. But gloves provide extra grip for control of the bike and provide protection for your hands. Do you really want a stick or twigs going up your fingernails? No way! Check out the Giro Xen gloves - awesome, affordable gloves that are extremely lightweight.


Eye Protection

For eye protection, you can wear sunglasses, goggles, or nothing at all. You’ll hear lots of different opinions on this topic, so just do what you feel comfortable with. If you’re leaning toward sunglasses check out the POC Crave glasses - lightweight, flexible, and have a great clarity lens. If you lean toward goggles check out the Oakley Airbrake MTB goggles - lightweight, and low light lens options.



Now onto shoes. You’ve got a ton of options here. Most people ride clips, but don't shy away from flats.  With a little tweak of technique you'll be riding beautifully. Some of the best mountain bike racers wear flats. Some people with the likes of Sam Hill and Brendan Fairclough to name a few. For flats, the Five Ten Freerider Pros are a good place to start - they’re just like an everyday shoe, but they have a much stiffer sole. If you like to walk while riding try the Five Ten Five Tennie.


Let’s chat about nutrition. Check out Skratch Labs. They have, hands down, the best protein bars and the best chews on the market. The bars don't feel like a brick in your stomach and are made with all natural ingredients.



Don’t forget hydration!  A water bottle and camelback hydration pack are probably the most popular options, but as long as you have enough water with you then you’ll be fine. 

If you don't like strapping everything to your frame.... wear a backpack. The Evoc Stage 6 crushes it. This lightweight, comfortable backpack also doubles as a hydration pack - you barely even notice this on your back. It'll fit a three liter water bladder. Throwing a pack on for your ride can also serve as some extra protection for your back when you fall and roll. 

Hope this helps you know what gear you need for the trail! Get out and shred and with the right gear elevate your ride.