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Universal Tool Tray

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Unlock your bike mechanic skills with the Tilt Industries Tool Tray. Keep your tools, lube, rag and whatever else you may need at hand to keep your bike running smooth. If you're like us, an online video tutorial is a must when bleeding brakes or messing with a finicky dropper - that's why we designed a spot in the Tray to hold your phone for easy viewing. Did we mention the cupholder? Gotta stay hydrated while trying to wrestle that pesky new tire onto the rim.

  • Holds all the essential bike repair tools
    • Tools, phone holder, cup holder, rag/trash bag holder etc. 
  • Universal fit works with tube diameters of 1.25" - 2" 
    • Fits round, oval and tear-dropped shaped tubes
  • Wall-mount storage mode
    • Keep tray loaded with tools and store on the wall
  • Clamp adjusts 90° for use on wall-mount repair stand mode (Tilt Repair Stand only)