How To Keep Your Bike Dialed

Let’s dive into keeping your bike dialed. That might seem intimidating but it doesn't have to be. You don’t have to be a mechanic or handyman to keep your bike in good shape. This post and video will review a few small and simple things you can do to keep your bike out of the shop and on the trail. 

A mountain bike by its design is built to take a beating - they’re strong and powerful. If you ride a decent amount, you'll end up in the shop just every couple of weeks to have them just fine tune things that you couple probably do on your own. Because at the end of the day, you spend a lot on your mountain bike, regardless of what you spent, you spent a lot and you want to keep that in shape.

The first thing you can service easily is your drive train. The limiter screws (see the video) decide how far the derailer is going to go. The next is deciding on your cable tension so it's pulling the chain the right amount that it should be pulled. The next thing is replacing your tires. If you have tubeless, you can put tubeless sealant in there. You can also learn how to adjust the barrel. A lot of these small things that you can learn how to do will make your experience that much better, because otherwise you're going to be going into the shop every couple of weeks.

Now let’s chat service stands. Many riders don’t even use a service stand to make adjustments. They service their bikes like our ancient ancestral riders - balancing it against their leg, on a tree, or between two wild boars if they were really feeling adventurous. If you’re looking to buy one though, there's a number of service stands out there and they’re all just about the same. To make it so our riders needed less equipment, we’ve added a service stand attachment to the TILT Balance Trainer. 

A TILT service stand will last forever. You're never going to have to buy another one again. It's a relatively inexpensive item that will help you get so much out of your mountain biking experience.

And so that's our first recommendation on how to get the most out of your ride. There's nothing worse than having a derailer that's constantly shifting. If you rode 25 years ago, you know that if you barely hit something you’d knock into a different gear. Thankfully things are so dialed these days, that it's a little bit easier to keep it all in place, the service stand just makes it a little bit easier.